The Bertster Robot Sculpture

The Bertster Robot Sculpture

The Bertster

The tale of Bertster, a remarkable handmade recycled robot sculpture, is intricately woven into the creative genius of its maker, Andy. Born out of a passion for repurposing discarded materials into art, Andy embarked on a journey that would lead to the birth of the Bert family of robots. Among them, the Bertster emerged as a symbol of innovation, imagination, and a dash of daring.

As Andy scoured car boot sales, thrift shops, and forgotten corners, he pieced together a mechanical masterpiece that would become the Bertster. The body of the Bertster, a dragster vehicle, exudes an aura of adventure. Its foundation lay in an old textile mill boat shuttle, its wheels borrowed from vintage Meccano sets, and its engine a marvel composed of parts from an abandoned windscreen wiper motor rotor assembly. The exhaust system, an unexpected twist, was repurposed from a helicopter pitot tube. To add a touch of audacity, the rear spoiler flaunted the cross-section of a helicopter tail rotor blade, hinting at the Bertster's need for speed.

Yet, the true essence of Bertster lies not just in its mechanical marvels, but in its very core—Andy's artistry in repurposing. The Bertster's body, the product of vintage Bakelite jack plug components, forms the character's sturdy foundation. Its head, an artful fusion of a Singer sewing machine plug and antique microscope lenses for eyes, adds a distinctive touch of nostalgia and vision.

Bertster isn't just an art piece confined to a corner. No, he's a machine with a zest for life—a life filled with velocity and motion. Bertster's true passion comes alive when he's behind the wheel of his dragster vehicle. The rush of wind against his recycled frame and the roar of his makeshift engine stoke a fire within him. The thrill of speed is his fuel, and the open road is his canvas.

Bertster isn't content to be confined within the walls of Andy's workshop. With a heart that yearns for adventure, he embarks on journeys that take him through city streets, open highways, and winding country roads. The curious glances from passersby and the whispers of awe are a testament to the impact and celebration of Bertster's unique presence.

The legacy of Bertster extends beyond mere mechanics. It's a legacy of creativity, resourcefulness, the beauty of repurposing and the celebration of difference. Bertster reminds us that art can emerge from the most unexpected places, and innovation can be found in every discarded piece. As part of the larger Bert family of robots, Bertster stands as an ambassador of the possibilities that lie within our grasp, waiting to be transformed into something extraordinary.

As Bertster continues to zoom through life with his wind-swept body and heart full of adventure, he serves as a timeless reminder that art knows no bounds. Andy's creation, born from a tapestry of recycled components, is a symbol of how imagination can breathe life into the discarded and elevate the mundane into the extraordinary. In the ever-turning wheels of time, Bertster's legacy races forward, inspiring both the artist and the art enthusiast in all of us.

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Vital Statistics:

Weight 1.8KG

Height 21cm

Length 49cm

Width 9cm

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