Hogbert Robot Sculpture.

Hogbert Robot Sculpture.


Meet Hogbert, a recycled robot sculpture that would look good in any home decor. A unique piece of art for the collector, the man cave, the chopper lover and those who appreciate the different.

This lovable member of the Bert family of robots, brought to life by the talented hands of his creator, Andy. Hogbert is not just your ordinary robot; he's a true work of art and ingenuity, a masterpiece born from the repurposed remnants of aviation and the charm of antique treasures.

Hogbert's journey begins with his unique ride, a low rider like no other. Crafted from the fusion of two scrap helicopter control levers, his main body exudes a sense of adventure and daring. The rear wheel, constructed from a worn helicopter main thrust bearing, boasts antique mahogany inserts that add a touch of class to his ride.

But Hogbert's appeal doesn't stop with his remarkable bodywork. His brake light, a vintage otoscope, and front light, an authentic radio valve, not only illuminate his path but also provide a vintage flair that turns heads wherever he goes. His exhaust, fashioned from old copper pipe and fittings, gives him a distinctive growl, and the engine, ingeniously created from a wiper gearbox armature concealed beneath a vintage Singer sewing machine light shroud, adds a hint of mechanical mystique to his persona.

Hogbert's character is truly a testament to Andy's artistic vision. His body, meticulously crafted from a vintage tobacco tin, showcases the beauty of repurposed materials. His legs, fashioned from a pair of mountain bike V brakes, grant him stability and mobility. His head, a set of antique French folding opera glasses, gives him a unique perspective on the world.

What makes Hogbert even more endearing is the vintage light meter leather pouch adorning his chest, elegantly embossed with his name. It's a nod to his history and a reminder that he's part of a lineage of handmade wonders.

Just as Hogbert's recycled components come together to form a harmonious and charming whole, so too can people from diverse backgrounds and with different life experiences come together to create something extraordinary. Hogbert's very existence celebrates the idea that our differences can be our strengths, contributing to a richer, more colourful world.

Hogbert isn't just a robot; he's a conversation piece, a symbol of creativity, and a testament to the beauty of recycling and repurposing. With Andy's skilful craftsmanship and Hogbert's charming personality, this recycled robot sculpture has rolled into our hearts, reminding us that art and innovation can thrive in the most unexpected places. So, the next time you see Hogbert cruising by on his unique low rider, remember that he's not just a robot; he's a true masterpiece of art and imagination and a reminder to celebrate diversity in all its forms.

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Vital Statistics

Weight 6.7kg

Height 25cm

Length 61cm

Width 19cm

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