Bertie McBoatface Robot Sculpture

Bertie McBoatface Robot Sculpture


Bertie McBoatface is more than just a recycled robot sculpture; he's the embodiment of the scrap art movement. With his steampunk-inspired design and meticulous craftsmanship, Bertie transcends mere artistry – he becomes an interior design piece that transforms spaces with his boat-themed allure. Whether you're an enthusiast of scrap art or simply looking for a distinctive conversation starter, Bertie McBoatface is the perfect blend of creativity and sustainability, making him an exceptional addition to any interior décor, adding a touch of maritime charm to your living space.

Bertie McBoatface, an endearing member of the Bert family of robot sculptures, is a unique creation born from the imaginative use of scrap materials. This charming robot is not only a testament to creativity but also an eco-conscious work of art. In this biography, we'll delve into the fascinating details of Bertie McBoatface's construction, highlighting the creative genius behind this lovable character.

Bertie McBoatface's construction is a brilliant blend of artistry and resourcefulness. His nautical-themed design is a nod to the vintage era, featuring a hull made from a repurposed boat shuttle. The sails that grace his boat are crafted from scrap aluminum, embodying both elegance and sustainability. At the helm of his unique vessel is a rudder ingeniously fashioned from a vintage Meccano propeller blade, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

One of Bertie McBoatface's standout features is his centrally mounted compass. This compass not only guides him on adventures but also symbolizes his unwavering sense of direction and purpose. It's a reminder that even in a world of scrap and creativity, there's always room for guidance and intention.

Bertie McBoatface's charming personality is reflected in his distinct body parts. His head is a Singer sewing machine power lead, giving him a unique and nostalgic touch. Two opera glass eyepieces serve as his eyes, adding a hint of curiosity and wonder to his appearance. His body, constructed from a scrap helicopter plug, showcases the importance of repurposing materials. Bertie's arms are fashioned from vintage jack plugs, and his legs find their origin in MIG welding tips, making every step he takes a testament to innovation.

Bertie McBoatface is not just a member of the Bert family of robot sculptures; he's a symbol of creativity, resourcefulness, and eco-conscious artistry. His unique design, with elements salvaged from vintage materials, reminds us of the beauty that can emerge from repurposing and recycling. Bertie's character is a delightful mix of whimsy and ingenuity, proving that even in the world of scrap, there's room for imagination and heart. Explore the world of Bertie McBoatface and join him on his adventures as he continues to inspire and amaze with his unique charm.

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Vital Statistics

Weight 700 g

Height 25cm

Length 46cm

Width 10cm

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