Bertolotty Robot Sculpture

Bertolotty Robot Sculpture


Bertolotty F1 Autobert

In a quiet corner of the Bert workshop, among a cacophony of clinks and clatters, there emerged a masterpiece of scrap art brilliance named Bertolotty. Unlike his brethren, Bertolotty isn’t just any ordinary robot sculpture. He is an Autobert, a wondrous fusion of discarded mechanical parts and artistic imagination, embodying the spirit and form of an F1 racing car.

Bertolotty’s journey began with a vision to meld the agility of an F1 racing car with the rugged charm of recycled helicopter parts. His body is ingeniously crafted from scrap helicopter flying control levers, giving him the aerodynamics of a seasoned racer. Each wheel is a marvel in itself, composed of scrap helicopter main rotor bearings with antique mahogany centres, providing both strength and vintage elegance.

His front and rear spoilers are repurposed vintage aluminium spirit levels, guiding him with precision through imaginary races. The engine, a true testament to creative engineering, features two scrap RC engine controls connected to a jet engine start electro valve assembly, promising power and speed.

Bertolotty’s exhaust system is a conversation starter, fashioned from a compressed air canister salvaged from an airplane life jacket, symbolising the breath of life into discarded remnants. His lights, made from prisms of binoculars with antique camera viewfinders, sparkle like eyes full of adventure, ready to light up any path.

Attention to detail is paramount in Bertolotty's design. His wing mirrors, crafted from vintage otoscope mirrors attached to a Brembo rotor brake calliper, offer a reflection of both his surroundings and his artistic legacy. The front oil cooler, a computer heat sink, keeps his engine cool under the pressure of high-speed pursuits.

Bertolotty's bonnet, a sleek carbon fibre fire extinguisher support, adds a touch of modernity to his otherwise vintage frame. Running along each side of the Autobert are two scrap helicopter pitch change links, reinforcing his structural integrity and hinting at his aviation heritage.

The steering wheel, a part from a vintage Singer sewing machine, connects the driver to Bertolotty’s essence. Speaking of the driver, he is a marvel of ingenuity. His base, an old microscope stand, anchors his presence. His body is composed of scrap helicopter wiper motor parts, with arms from a Singer sewing machine adding a touch of dexterity.

The driver’s head is a combination of two bearings with opera glass eye pieces, offering a keen gaze into the unknown. His helmet, fashioned from scrap helicopter skid tube protectors, provides both protection and a nod to his aviation ancestry.

Bertolotty and his driver sport the iconic Lotus colours, a tribute to racing legends. The distressed finish reflecting their aged, vintage look, telling tales of races won and lost, of journeys embarked upon and dreams pursued. Every inch of Bertolotty reveals intricate details, like prisms perched atop copper corrugated antennae gaskets, each discovery a new chapter in his story.

Bertolotty isn’t just a sculpture; he is a narrative of innovation, a celebration of recycling, and a testament to artistic vision. His lucky owner will find joy in discovering the myriad tiny additions, each piece a relic with its own history. In Bertolotty, the past and future race together, leaving a trail of wonder and admiration in their wake.

As part of the Bert family, Bertolotty stands out, not just for his F1 racing car appearance but for the meticulous craftsmanship and imaginative spirit he embodies. In the world of scrap art, Bertolotty is a champion, forever racing towards new horizons, inspiring all who behold him.

Vital Statistics Weight 15kg Length 73cms Height 20cms Width 20cms

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