Jenson Berton

Jenson Berton


Allow me to introduce you to Jenson Berton, a charming member of the illustrious Bert family of robot sculptures, brought to life by the creative genius of Andy. Jenson is not just any robot; he's a symbol of ingenuity and sustainability, an embodiment of beauty and function crafted from the forgotten relics of the past.

Jenson Berton is a testament to the beauty of recycling and repurposing. His unique physique is a delightful medley of vintage components, each with its own fascinating story. You'll find yourself drawn to the details that make Jenson a true work of art.

His automobile, an eye-catching centrepiece, boasts a body composed of a vintage car fire extinguisher, and his wheels are none other than timeless Meccano classics. Affixed to the rear, a vintage tin luggage case adds a touch of nostalgia that instantly sparks curiosity and wonder.

When the sun sets and the world is bathed in twilight, Jenson Berton comes to life in a magical way. His headlights are a pair of vintage otoscopes and vintage radio valves, creating an enchanting, warm glow that guides him through the night. He's not just a sculpture; he's a guiding light in the dark.

And don't forget to marvel at the helicopter radio antenna playing the role of an exhaust pipe, letting out a whimsical puff of dreams as he moves. It's as if Jenson is always ready for take off on an adventure to the past and future.

Now, let's talk about Jenson himself. His body is constructed from an old pneumatic tool part, ensuring he's sturdy and ready to tackle any task, real or imaginary. His legs are adapted from helicopter control ball ends, giving him a sense of grace and agility in every step. The arms that extend in a friendly welcome are vintage phono jack plugs, a nod to the days when music came from a tangible source. His head is a pair of vintage opera glasses, making him ever the observer of life's wonders. And perched atop his head is a vintage radio dial that serves as his hat, an homage to a time when people tuned in to explore the airwaves.

Jenson Berton is more than just a sculpture; he's a living testament to the power of creativity and imagination. With his rich history of repurposed components and a heart filled with Andy's dedication and love, Jenson stands proudly as a symbol of art, recycling, and the enduring spirit of invention.

So, when you encounter Jenson Berton in the world of Andy's recycled robot sculptures, remember to take a moment to appreciate the blend of the old and new, the past and the future, and the magic that can be created from discarded treasures. In Jenson, you'll find a friend who whispers tales of the past and dreams of the future, a true work of art that embodies the timeless spirit of transformation and renewal.

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Vital Statistics

Weight 2.2 Kg

Height 19cm

Length 43cm

Width 12cm

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