Brumbert Robot Sculpture - SOLD

Brumbert Robot Sculpture - SOLD

Once upon a time, in the creative workshop of the talented artist Andy, Brumbert was born. Brumbert is not just any ordinary robot sculpture; he's a testament to the power of creativity, recycling, and craftsmanship. This little guy is the tiniest and perhaps the most adorable member of Andy's autobert robot sculpture collection, weighing in at just 194g and measuring a tiny 15cm long by 6cm wide and 6cm high.

Andy poured his love and care into crafting Brumbert, bringing together a delightful assortment of scrap materials. Brumbert is a shining example of how discarded items can be transformed into something truly extraordinary.

What makes Brumbert even more special is the vintage audio equipment that forms his core. With a blend of nostalgia and innovation, Andy breathed life into these forgotten components. Brumbert's character and charm shine through in every carefully chosen detail.

Brumbert sits comfortably in an automobile-like creation, forged from a radio-controlled engine exhaust. The wheels that guide Brumbert on his whimsical adventures are vintage Meccano wheels, adding a touch of retro elegance to his appearance. Even the exhaust isn't ordinary; it's made from an oven thermocouple, adding an element of quirky sophistication.

Brumbert's carburettors, those vital components that keep him "running," are ingeniously crafted from bits of a helicopter pitot tube. This whimsical blend of materials showcases the imaginative prowess of Andy, who sees the potential in the most unexpected places.

What makes Brumbert truly remarkable is his universal appeal. Whether you're a fan of steampunk aesthetics or the vintage look, Brumbert will find a way to fit right into your decor. He's a testament to the timeless charm of nostalgia and the incredible artistry of repurposing materials.

But Brumbert isn't just a sculpture; he's a reminder of the beauty that can emerge from reimagining the world around us. He's a symbol of creativity, resourcefulness, and the magic of breathing new life into forgotten treasures.

So, if you're looking for a piece of art that tells a story, that showcases the power of love and care, and that is as unique as it is endearing, Brumbert is the perfect addition to your collection. He may be tiny, but his heart and character are immense, and he's sure to capture yours as well.

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Vital Statistics:

Weight 194g

Height 6cm

Length 15cm

Width 6cm

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