Bertensenna Robot Sculpture

Bertensenna Robot Sculpture

Bertensenna is not your typical robot; it's a unique creation born from the creative mind of Andy, a talented artist and craftsman. Part of the distinguished Bert family of robots and a standout member of the Autobert collection, Bertensenna represents an artistic blend of vintage aesthetics and recycled components, capturing the imagination of all who lay eyes on it.

The journey of Bertensenna begins with the visionary artist, Andy. A true connoisseur of repurposing and upcycling, Andy possesses a knack for breathing new life into discarded objects. It was this passion that led to the inception of the Autobert collection, a series of unique robots that combine art, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

At the heart of Bertensenna's design lies a captivating array of recycled components, each carefully selected to infuse character and personality into the robot. The vintage Meccano wheels, with their intricate design and nostalgic charm, provide the foundation for Bertensenna's mobility. The otoscope headlights, once used to peer into the depths of the human body, now illuminate its path forward.

The creativity doesn't stop there; Bertensenna's essence is amplified by the ingenious choice of materials. The robot's radiator, an essential element for cooling, boasts a history as a vintage radio tuner, channeling an era of analog frequencies and captivating sounds. It's not just a robot; it's a symphony of history and innovation.

Bertensenna's identity is further shaped by the robot in the driving seat. Crafted from the inner workings of a theodolite, a precision instrument used in surveying, this robotic figure embodies accuracy and detail. Its head, once a camera flash, symbolizes a moment frozen in time, capturing both the past and the present. And the helmet, a repurposed bakelite light pendant, offers a nod to both functionality and aesthetics.

The miniature toolbox adorning the back of the car is more than just decoration. It's a testament to Bertensenna's practicality, holding tools and secrets of its many adventures. The leather luggage, weathered by time, hints at the journeys Bertensenna has undertaken and the memories it has collected along the way.

A Timeless Artwork Bertensenna stands as a remarkable piece of art, an embodiment of Andy's creativity and dedication to sustainability. This recycled robot, part of the Autobert collection, carries the stories of the past while driving forward into an innovative future. Bertensenna not only showcases the potential of repurposed materials but also reflects the interconnectedness of art, technology, and history.

As Bertensenna continues its journey, it serves as an inspiring reminder that innovation can stem from unexpected places, and beauty can arise from the most unlikely of materials. With its vintage charm, recycled components, and rich narrative, Bertensenna is more than a robot; it's a masterpiece that blurs the lines between art and engineering, past and present.
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Vital Statistics:

Weight 2.2kg

Length 30cm

Height 23cm

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