Albertow Robot Sculpture -SOLD

Albertow Robot Sculpture -SOLD


In the quiet county of Shropshire, an unexpected transformation took place in the hands of Andy, a once-helicopter engineer who discovered his passion for creating robot sculptures. It was amidst the whirring of machinery and the scent of oil that the Bert family of robots was born. At the heart of this family stood Albertow, a testament to creativity, recycling, and the celebration of uniqueness.

The Bert family of robots is not just a collection of inanimate sculptures; they hold a purpose that resonates deeply with Andy's belief in accepting and respecting differences. Each member of the Bert family, including Albertow, is a symbol of this message. Crafted from repurposed materials, they show the world that even discarded objects can be given new life and value.

Albertow's creation was a labour of love that began with Andy's skilled hands and a vision to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary art. The body of Albertow is ingeniously composed of a small vintage wooden coffin plane, which gives him a unique vehicle-like appearance. Vintage Meccano wheels allows him to roll along with a hint of nostalgia, while a leather luggage case provides the perfect accessory for any journey.

Andy's attention to detail brings Albertow to life. A small towing crane mechanism, also crafted from vintage Meccano parts, adorns his rear, whilst Albertow's headlights are repurposed old inkwell lids attached to binocular eyepieces, giving him an endearing and curious expression.

The radiator, a critical component for any vehicle, is no exception to Albertow's unique design. Andy repurposed an old sewing machine motor fan, giving Albertow a distinctive feature that set him apart from other robot sculptures. This inventive use of materials showcases both Andy's artistic prowess and his commitment to sustainable creativity.

The exhaust of Albertow is a vintage sewing machine shuttle bullet bobbin case, symbolizing the merging of history and modernity. This fusion is not just aesthetic; it embodies Andy's belief that embracing the past while looking forward is essential for a harmonious and progressive world.

Albertow himself is a remarkable creation. His head, fashioned from an otoscope combined with opera glasses, allows him to view the world from a distinct perspective. His smashing scarf, a vibrant accessory, is a symbol of his individuality and self-expression.

Albertow, the handmade recycled robot sculpture from the Bert family, is more than just an artwork. He is a symbol of transformation, acceptance, and innovation. Through Andy's dedication and creativity, Albertow's story remains etched in the hearts and minds of all who encounter him, reminding them that the beauty of life lies in embracing the differences that make each individual truly special.

Vital Statistics:

Height: 17cms

Length: 24cms

Width: 9cms

Weight: 960g

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