Sending Smiles: The Art of Greeting Cards and Personalised Messages

Sending Smiles: The Art of Greeting Cards and Personalised Messages
Posted on May 30th, 2023

In a world where digital communications have become the norm, the joy of receiving a tangible, hand-written greeting card is unrivalled. From the enchantment of exploring its artistry to the warmth of reading a personalised message, the experience of greeting cards is timeless. Here at We Are Bert Ltd, we take immense pleasure in the art of spreading smiles through our greeting cards, featuring our star characters, the Berts.

Bringing Berts into Your Greetings

The Berts, our whimsical recycled robot sculptures, don't just sit pretty on your shelves or desk spaces. They have made their way into our collection of greeting cards, spreading their charm and uniqueness even further. These delightful characters bring a touch of playful imagination to our greeting cards, making them an ideal choice for individuals who appreciate originality and personality in their correspondence.

The Magic of Bert Greeting Cards 

When you choose a handcrafted Bert themed greeting card, you are choosing to share this magic with someone special.

Lotty puts her heart into photographing the Berts and designing these cards. She infuses her creativity into the phtographs, resulting in a piece of art that's unique and heartfelt. When you send a Bert themed greeting card, you're not just sending a card, but a piece of art that's likely to be cherished.

Sending a Personalised Message

Nothing beats the delight of seeing your name handwritten on a card, followed by a heartfelt message that's penned specifically for you. Personalisation adds a special touch to greeting cards, making them more than just paper and ink.

In our digital world, where standardised emojis and templates dominate, personalised messages stand out. They resonate with recipients, making them feel valued and loved. Our Berts themed cards, with their quirkiness, provide the perfect canvas for these personalised messages.

Cards for Every Occasion

Life is full of occasions worth celebrating, and for each, we've got a Bert themed card. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation, a simple thank you, or even a 'just because' card, there's a Bert ready to deliver your message in style. Our wide array of designs ensures you'll find the perfect card for every occasion, making your messages even more memorable.

Boosting Environmental Sustainability

At We Are Bert Ltd, our commitment to sustainability isn't just evident in our recycled robot sculptures, but also in our line of greeting cards. All our cards are made from paper that is sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) forests, so that you can be confident that by buying cards from us we are helping to ensure the sustainability of forests. By choosing a Bert themed card, you are playing your part in this vital cause.

Supporting Local Artisans

When you purchase a Bert themed card, you're supporting the talents and livelihoods of local artisans in Shrewsbury. As artists, we; Lotty and Andy pour our creativity into each card, resulting in truly unique pieces.

The Sentiment of Handwritten Cards

In an era where typed messages are the norm, handwritten notes carry a significant weight of sentimentality and authenticity. They evoke a sense of nostalgia and demonstrate an effort that is likely to be appreciated by the recipient. With a Bert themed card, not only do you send a personalised message, but also a slice of joy, a dash of creativity, and a token of your affection.

Adding a Personal Touch With Customised Designs

Just as every Bert sculpture is unique, so too are our greeting cards. You can choose the Bert design that best suits the personality and taste of your recipient. 

Keeping the Tradition Alive

Greeting cards have a long-standing history. They symbolise a tradition that has been cherished across cultures and generations. While we embrace the digital age, there’s an undeniable charm in preserving some old-world traditions. Sending a greeting card is one of them. By choosing our Berts themed cards, you're part of a community that values tradition and seeks to keep it alive.

More Than Just Cards

When you gift a Bert themed card, it could very well become more than just a card for the recipient. It could serve as a mini art piece, a bookmark, or a memorable keepsake they cherish. The possibilities are limitless, adding to the charm of these cards.

A Sneak Peek Into the World of Berts

Our greeting cards offer a glimpse into the world of Berts. If you or your recipient have never owned a Bert, these cards can be a delightful introduction. And for those who already love Berts, our cards help extend that love and familiarity.

A Small Gesture, A Big Impact

Sometimes, it's the small gestures that leave the biggest impact. A simple greeting card can brighten someone's day, offer comfort, express love, or share joy. With a Bert themed greeting card, you’re making a conscious choice to spread positivity and happiness.

Connecting People, One Card at a Time

Even when miles apart, a greeting card can make people feel closer. It is a tangible connection, a piece of you that they can hold. It is something that can be revisited over time, each time rekindling the joy and warmth it brought initially.

Join Us in Spreading Smiles

In conclusion, our Berts themed greeting cards are not just a product; they are an experience. An experience of joy, love, creativity, and tradition. At We Are Bert Ltd, we believe in making every moment special. Each card we craft, each Bert we shape, is a testament to this belief.

We invite you to join us in this wonderful journey of sending smiles far and wide. Browse through our collection and find the perfect Bert themed card that resonates with you. Let's put pen to paper, pour out our thoughts and feelings, and spread joy and love, one card at a time.

If you have any queries or need help finding the perfect card, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. We’d love to assist you in this beautiful art of sending smiles. Let's together keep the tradition of greeting cards alive and continue to support sustainable and local artistry.

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