How the world of the Berts began….

The maker told us we came from a place called imagination

We don’t know where imagination is but all Berts come from there.

We think you must have to go through another place called “This is not a garage it’s my workshop!”

The workshop is a jumble of stuff but the maker knows where everything is.

First of all, there was just me, JustBert but soon there were many more of us. So many of us that Lotty said the house would burst at the seams. We looked and looked but we never did see it burst. 

It was the maker who brought us from the place called imagination. He used the stuff to make us. The metal stuff, the wooden stuff, the bits from old worn out clocks stuff even the broken stuff from friends and neighbours. Every Bert is made of the stuff but we are all different. Once we were made it was Lotty who brought us to life.

I was standing on a table next to the maker’s chair. I had been standing there for what seemed like forever. I had watched the maker do lots of drawings and scribblings out while he and Lotty drank cups of tea. On the special day I was standing on the table as usual and watched as Lotty read a book. I could see her head nodding through my two eyes and then I heard her snoring. She was asleep.

It was at that very moment I realised I could move! My one leg bent and pushed off the table and hopped on to the chair. A second strong push from my leg and I was stood next to Lotty.

I tapped her left arm. 

She snored. 

I jumped on to her right knee and jumped up and down. 

She snored. 

I hopped even higher until my wiry hair prickled her nose

She snored.

I pushed the book from her knee and she yawned and opened her eyes. She lifted her glasses and looked at me. She didn’t seem surprised to see me at all. 

“Oh, you’re awake then.” She said “It’s about time. Come on then there are adventures to be had.”

Come with me and meet the Berts. Follow us on our adventures and see if you can find the place called imagination too.

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