Lotty, a remarkable woman with a heart full of love and a lifelong desire to write, has led a fulfilling life alongside her devoted husband, Andy, for over four decades. Together, they have raised three wonderful children and are now blessed with six adored grandchildren. Since childhood, Lotty has always harboured a deep yearning to express herself through writing, but has always struggled to find the right inspiration.

However, fate took a delightful turn when Andy discovered his talent for creating intricate robot sculptures. Fascinated by his skill and inspired by her great grandfather Herbert, Lotty affectionately named these sculptures the "Berts." It was in that moment that she realized she had found her calling: to share the enchanting tales of these whimsical characters with children everywhere.

Lotty's newfound purpose is twofold. She wants to captivate young minds with charming stories while instilling in them the values of acceptance and respect for differences. It is her belief that by embracing diversity, the world could become a more harmonious and compassionate place.

Excited by her vision, Lotty set to work, pouring her heart and creativity into writing the first story of the series, entitled "Weebert Has an Adventure." This heartwarming tale is scheduled for release in Autumn 2023, marking the beginning of an exciting literary journey.

In addition to her writing endeavours, Lotty also embarked on developing the "We Are Bert" shop and website. With a keen eye for design and photography, she has meticulously captured the essence of each Bert, creating stunning visuals for T-shirts and designing delightful greeting cards to be sold alongside the Bert sculptures and stories.

Driven by her passion for the Berts and their narratives, Lotty has dedicated herself to creating a rich and immersive experience for children. Through her work, she hopes to inspire young minds, to foster a sense of wonder, empathy, and understanding of the beauty that lies in embracing diversity.

With "Weebert Has an Adventure" as just the beginning, Lotty is eagerly looking forward to a future brimming with numerous enchanting stories waiting to be shared. Her and Andy's dream is that the Berts and their stories have a positive influence on the lives of children and, in doing so, in some small way, shape a brighter and more inclusive world for generations to come.

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