Welcome to We Are Bert

Welcome to We Are Bert

Are you curious about We Are Bert and the individuals behind it? Meet Andy and Lotty, the dynamic duo bringing robot sculptures and robot stories to life in Shropshire, England.

It doesn’t matter whether we create scrap art robots, junk robot art, or turn other people's trash into a treasured robot sculpture making our robot sculptures and writing their stories has become our way of life. Wherever we go we are searching out pieces of rubbish to turn into a robot. Each of our robot sculptures has their own unique identity and character and they are all part of the Bert family of robot sculptures

Andy - The Visionary Artist & Sculptor

Andy is the genius behind our mesmerizing robot sculptures, taking discarded materials and turning them into captivating works of art. Whether he is using pieces of scrap he has found himself, or transforming other peoples treasured momentoes into memory filled works of art, each Bert is crafted with love. With a boundless imagination, he crafts each piece meticulously, infusing them with a unique personality. His creations are more than just art; they are a testament to innovation and human connection.

Lotty - The Wordsmith

Now, let's shine a light on Lotty, the storyteller extraordinaire. Well that's me! I'm a Mum of 3 and Nanny Lou to 6 gorgeous grandchildren. I weave enchanting tales about the Berts, Andy's creations, giving each of them their own name, personality, and thrilling adventure.

I've always wanted to write, since being a child growing up in Yorkshire, to following Andy in his career in the armed forces to now living in Shropshire where I get to live my dream. Each time I look at a different Bert my mind is filled with fun stories and adventures I want to share with children. My first story Weebert has an Adventure has now been published and to say I'm thrilled is an understatement! 

Who is Bert?

The Berts, as we affectionately call Andy's robot sculptures, are named after Lotty's great-grandfather Herbert. Herbert was born in Leeds in 1897. He was a man who could never discard anything he deemed useful. In his pocket you could always find a piece of string along with a few Fox's Glacier mints. He always embraced the art of make do and mend long before reuse and recycling became fashionable bywords. Our Berts are a tribute not only to him but to the ethos and art of repurposing and breathing new life into forgotten objects.

Our Journey: 40 Years of Love and Creativity

Lotty and Andy are not just business partners; we've been life partners for over 40 years. Childhood sweethearts whose journey has been as unique and delightful as our robot creations.

We Are Bert Ltd: A Whimsical Adventure

We Are Bert Ltd is where creativity flows freely, silliness is our secret ingredient, and madness guides our way. We aim to share our one-of-a-kind creations with the world, each Bert a testament to the power of accepting and respecting differences.

Join Our Journey

If you're ready for the extraordinary, a touch of nostalgia, and a sprinkle of robot charm, you've come to the right place. Join us on this incredible adventure as we introduce you to The Berts and their enchanting world.

Stay tuned for more tales, more Berts, and more heartfelt chuckles!

With love and whimsy, 

Lotty & Andy We Are Bert Ltd

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