Weebert Has an Adventure

Weebert Has an Adventure

Join Weebert, the lovable robot, on an exciting adventure that will warm your heart and make you giggle! A story for young children featuring the We Are Bert scrap art robots. 

Weebert thought life was boring, until one day, he decided he wanted more fun. With his curious mind and twinkling eyes, he set out to find adventure. 

Weebert Has an Adventure is a lovely story about friendship and the magic of trying new things. With delightful pictures and a tale that will grab young readers' attention, this story reminds us that amazing adventures often start with a simple beginning. Get ready for a joyful ride with Weebert and his friend Barbara as they show us that true adventure is just around the corner!

Available on our website and at AMAZON, Blackwells, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble

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